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Monday, January 25, 2010
First Episode of Living Torah Online Features Rebbe’s First Maamar

In honor of the sixtieth anniversary of Yud Shevat, JEM has announced a new online version of Living Torah. To kick it off, they are featuring the Rebbe’s first Chassidic Discourse – delivered on Yud Shevat, 5711.

The new Living Torah Online includes the weekly Sicha, Timeless Moment, Eye-to-Eye and My Encounter videos, in their entirety. Segments of older episodes such as Special Moment and Soul Strings, are archived and accessible as well. Featured as well are a comprehensive topic index, as well as an index featuring all Living Torah clips by date.

The online version of Living Torah, which JEM bills as “viewer supported,” is free for DVD members. Each week, this site will continue to feature one out of the four weekly clips for free every week. Non members can get it for only $7 per month.

That favorite clip you want to see again? Want to learn what the Rebbe has to say on Purim, Pride or Prison? Want to catch this week’s Living Torah at your computer. Have a look at Living Torah Online!

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