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Tuesday, August 17, 2010
Tape Collection Donated to JEM

A magnificent audio collection, which will enable new access to dozens of Farbrengens, Sichos and Yechidusen of the Rebbe was recently donated to JEM (Jewish Educational Media.

The recordings, made by Rabbi Yossi Goldstein and his sonAaron, span the years 1951 through 1977.

The two collections are exceptional in both quality and quantity, filling gaps of missing audio in other collections, JEM's Living Archive Preservation Project said in a statement.

"After extensive checks, there is no doubt that the material is also far superior in sharpness to the audio currently in circulation," they said.

This set comes in addition to the tens of Farbrengens which were recorded by Rabbi Sholom Yisroel Hodakov, which are currently being restored for distribution to the public.

The first priority of The Living Archive Preservation Project's curators is to preserve and restore the archival materials using the best methods available.

The audio files will be used to replace any less-than-perfect audio recordings on upcoming Living Torah and Farbrengen videos. Eventually , an entirely new set of Sichos Kodesh audio will emerge from these and other materials gathered by JEM over the past several years.

The technical challenges with this particular collection are quite unique in that the recordings were done using a four track system on a quarter-inch tape.

A world-renowned expert – who lives in Brooklyn – will be overseeing the transfer project. Since the arrival of the collections, previously-unheard clips were already given to Vaad Hanochos B'Lahak and have enabled them to prepare new transcripts of the Rebbe's Sichos based on these recordings.

Dedications are available for the entire audio preservation project, the new Sichos Kodesh set, and numerous upcoming audio releases.

The original recording required sweat, toil and money.

According to Rabbi Aaron Goldstein, the donation of the collection, which was completed on Gimmel Tammuz of this year, "culminates years of hard work, meticulous record-keeping, and protecting the original recordings. We've found the proper home for them, and generations of Jews will enjoy this recorded legacy. My father and I couldn't be more pleased with thezchus of making these recordings – and now, with sharing them."

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