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Friday, January 7, 2011
A Call to Farbrengen by R Tzvi Grunblatt of Buenos Aires

If you've been to Buenos Aires, then you've met the Grunblatts. And if you've been for a farbrengen, you've had the time of your life!

Last week, Rabbi Grunblatt visited JEM's new offices, when he gave JEM's staff a piece of his mind for not doing a better job getting the Farbrengens to the masses. The staff responded by challenging him to share his thoughts publicly.

Shockingly, he did just that!

Next week over 150 communities worldwide will be showing all or parts of JEM's 6.5 hour farbrengen video. Which parts will you be showing? Order yours from, and invite your community or circle of friends to experience an unforgettable evening with the Rebbe.

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