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Tuesday, December 28, 2010
The Snow Will Not Stop the Editors!

Interviewing all the people in the world who’ve ever had yechidus with the Rebbe is a mammoth task. This week we were snowed out of 2 different interviews in the New York metropolitan area. But even the post office, which prides itself in delivering the mail through “snow, sleet or storm” cannot top a group of people who are set on learning and sharing the life story of the Rebbe – because they have the Rebbe’s own model to never be deterred as their own example. Which is how we spent our snow days in our editing caves, reviewing this great interview we caught last week with Dr. Naftali Loewenthal, a Lubavitcher professor in University in London.

He tells over his fascinating stories, in a most modest and humble fashion.

Some highlights:

1. The Rebbe encouraged him and his wife in their studies and in their professions as lecturers in University, where they are still are today. Dr. Loewenthal reaches Jews of all walks of life through his lectures on Jewish spirituality.

2. The Rebbe suggested that Dr. Loewenthal write his PHD on the Mitteler Rebbe’s Chassidus. He now focuses his teaching on Chassidus and modernity, with lectures on such topics as Chassidic Prayer, Rabbinic Eschatology, and Jewish Self-Sacrifice.

3. The Rebbe strongly refused to let him teach certain Kabbalistic subjects in College (only Chassidus).

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Time is of essence.

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