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Monday, January 24, 2011
Montreal’s Beis Rivkah Girls are Filmmakers!

Several classes of Beis Rivkah in Montreal got to participate in a remarkable program on the Rebbe’s history.

As part of their tour to Montreal, Rabbi Yechiel Cagen, Director of the My Encounter with the Rebbe project and Senior Interviewer Rabbi Mendy Alevsky visited Beis Rivkah, conducted a seminar for the 7th and 8th grades.

At first, Rabbi Cagen gave the girls an overview of the My Encounter with the Rebbe project, its importance and its aims, showing them samples of the videotaped testimonies. The girls asked questions and got to learn about the opportunity they have to learn from those who had experiences with the Rebbe – Yechidusen, Shlichusen, and a multitude of other experiences.

Then the girls got a most exciting surprise! They learned that they would be witness to – and take part in – an interview on their own!

As Rabbi Cagen and Zalmy Glassner, the project’s Montreal cameraman, set up for an interview, they explained what each piece of gear did – the lights, microphones, reflectors, meters, lenses, cameras and other pieces of gear and what they each do.

Then they introduced the interviewee, Mrs. Sara Feigelstock, one of the first teachers in Beis Rivkah, whom the girls had all met before. But they had never heard about her experiences during her earlier years.

After all the girls crowded around to watch the interview, four lucky girls were chosen to ask the questions prepared by the My Encounter with the Rebbe research team. And what a job they did! After exhausting the prepared questions the girls went on to ask Mrs. Feigelstock questions of their own, such as:

-Were you nervous before your first Yechidus?
-How did you prepare?
-What was Montreal like when you were first sent here?
-Did you ever meet the Rebbetzin?

Besides for the information they gleaned from Mrs. Feigelstock, the girls learned to appreciate the memories and experiences of those who came before them, and especially those lucky enough to have interacted with the Rebbe and the Rebbetzin.

During their visit, the My Encounter with the Rebbe team also made presentations at the Montreal Torah Center, grades 9th through 11th at Beis Rivkah, and at the Yeshivah for the 7th and 8th grade boys.

The girls of Beis Rivka are thankful to Rabbis Cagen and Alevsky and to their teachers, principals and especially to Rabbi Yossi Minkowitz, for bringing this wonderful program to their school!

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