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Sunday, February 13, 2011
The Rebbe on Egypt

As Egypt’s government crumbled in a largely bloodless revolution only two weeks old, Israel’s friends around the world worry about the future of a Middle East where one of the only bastions of relative friendship has fallen. As it turns out, events set in motion some thirty years ago provide some direction.

The Living Torah DVD, a video magazine published by Jewish Educational Media, is largely watched on Saturday nights after Shabbos. Hundreds of thousands of viewers were shocked to see this week’s selection: a talk by the Rebbe issued during the 1978 run-up to the Camp David Accords between Israel and Egypt. In it, the Rebbe warns that territorial compromise could in no way result in long-term peace.

Rabbi Yaakov Shapiro, Living Torah’s Director insisted on Sunday that he had not planned the placement of the Rebbe’s talk for this time. “We pencil in the Sichos many weeks – even months – in advance. The only thing I can suggest is the hand of Divine Providence. G‑d may be pointing us in the right direction. He’s giving us another chance to get this right.”

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