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Wednesday, March 2, 2011
Who do you know in Miami?

After a hugely successful whirlwind trip in Montreal, the My Encounter with the Rebbe team is back on its feet and has already conducted some crucial interviews in NY. In addition, My Encounter also has a team in Israel conducting interviews, averaging four interviews every week.

Since My Encounter froze in Montreal, they’re planning their next trip to a warmer part of the world: South Florida. They intend to interview there for 2-3 weeks, and to squeeze in at least 30 interviews during that time. Rabbis, Shluchim, community leaders, businessmen, doctors, and many others who were touched by the Rebbe have valuable information to share about their experiences with the Rebbe.

The My Encounter team is searching now for their next interviewees in South Florida, from Miami to Boca Raton and anywhere in between. So who do you know in Miami? Do you know anyone who’d like to help fund the interviews?

Please email, or call 347-450-1770 with names and contact info.

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