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Thursday, August 25, 2011
JEM is on the road again

JEM’s My Encounter team is on the road again! This trip will be to Southern California, and will take place from Sunday Elul 5 – Wednesday Elul 15th (September 4-14th).

My Encounter with The Rebbe records the oral histories of individuals who interacted with the Rebbe, through videotaped first-person interviews. The goal is to capture all of the profound and deep experiences people have had with the Rebbe on camera - and to share those experiences with the greater Jewish community.

They have conducted hundreds of interviews with people from all walks of life -- rabbis, laymen, politicians, Jews, non-Jews -- to record for posterity the accurate accounts of people's personal encounters with the Rebbe. They believe that people will be inspired to better their own lives by learning about the Rebbe’s remarkable life.

This will be the third interviewing trip this year - the My Encounter team traveled from their base in Crown Heights to capture interviews in freezing Montreal in the winter and warm Miami in the spring. Now before the summer (and 5771) is out, there is one have one last stop: LA.

If you know anyone in Southern California who has had a personal and meaningful encounter with the Rebbe, you can let them know by email -, or call 347-450-1770 to set up an interview.

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