Wednesday, May 9, 2012
Joy!: New DVD Marks Milestone

New DVD marks milestone

The Living Archive is proud to announce the completion of the first phase of its mission – the entire video and film collection of the Rebbe has been preserved.

To celebrate this monumental achievement JEM has produced a new DVD “Joy!” with joyous scenes through the decades of the Rebbe’s leadership.

The video was funded by a generous grant from Rabbi Yitzchak Michaan and Family of Sao Paulo, Brazil.

In a letter to members JEM noted “We still have years of work ahead of us – some videos must still be re-transferred after quality control; the collection must be cataloged and reviewed, and of course the audio and photographic collections must still be saved – thank G-d, for the most part, the worst of the crisis for the video collection per se, is behind us.”

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