Monday, May 21, 2012
Announcing Our Very First Winner!!

We are delighted to announce the very first winner of our weekly JEM Rebbe Picture Raffle!

Can we please have a drum roll....

Our winner is none other than Enrique Montes from Austin, Texas! Enrique has dedicated his donation in honor of his dear Chabad Shluchim, Rabbi and Rebbitzen Levertov. He will receive this exclusive, beautiful 32” framed picture of the Rebbe.

Enrique was very excited to hear he was the lucky winner, “My wife and I are very grateful for the hard work that has been put into these series,” he said. “It has been an honor to have won this picture of the Rebbe. It will be the first in our home and we are grateful to have it come from you. May our contribution help spread the light of Chassidus throughout the world.”

His Shluchim were equally ecstatic to hear he had won. “Enrique has been a wonderful, dedicated member of our Chabad House for years. He definitely deserves this and we are thrilled that he is the winner,” explained Mrs. Rochel Levertov. “Every Motzei Shabbos, we watch Living Torah with a devoted group of community members, and everyone benefits tremendously from the beautiful weekly compilation of the Rebbe’s inspiration. Even my four-year-old is excited to watch the Rebbe with everyone! We appreciate this chance to connect ourselves and our community members to the Rebbe, and we are so happy that Enrique has committed himself to donate towards this amazing campaign.”

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