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Wednesday, June 13, 2012
In time for Gimmel Tammuz - Special Photo Exhibit - Opening Sunday

In time for the many thousands of Shluchim and Chassidim visiting Crown Heights this Gimmel Tammuz, JEM is proud to announce the opening, of a two-week brand-new exhibit: 770 Through Yossi’s Lens – A Photo Exhibition. This never- before-seen collection of pictures of the Rebbe will add a fresh aspect to your Hiskashrus, giving you the opportunity to see the Rebbe in a whole new dimension.

Yossi MelamedYossi Melamed, OBM, was the Israeli-born photographer who spent hundreds of hours photographing the Rebbe between the years 1975-1992, many times the only cameraman in 770. His collection contains tens of thousands of photographs of the Rebbe at Davenings, Farbrengens, Kos Shel Bracha, Lekach and Sunday Dollars. Operating simultaneously with two cameras, his pictures are both in black & white and color. The numerous pictures and different angles of his cameras capture a true feeling of each scene of the Rebbe. Through extensive preservation efforts by JEM, tens of thousands of his photographs are now preserved for eternity.

770 Through Yossi’s Lens - A Photo Exhibition features beautiful highlights of Melamed’s work and promises to be an inspiring and uplifting experience for all viewers. It is located at 362 Albany Avenue (corner Union St) Brooklyn, New York, and will be open from 27 Sivan-11 Tammuz, June 17 until July 1. If you would like to bring a group to tour the exhibit, please contact: or call the office 718-774-6000

As you browse and enjoy the collection, please remember the Zchus of Yosef Ben Moshe Dov.

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