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Friday, November 9, 2012
Surprise Gallery - Freidin 5748
Brooklyn, NY

Suprise Gallery 1

Freidin, 5748

An unexpected surprise awaited the Shluchim, in the form of a temporary photo gallery featuring a stunning collection of photographs from Tishrei, 5748, also known as “Tismach” from the lens of photographer Levi Yitzchok Freidin.

Along with the gallery, over 100,000 photos were available for perusal on computer. According to JEM all of the photographs have been painstakingly restored from the photographers original negatives.

“Tishrei, 5748” was a legendary and unforgettable year, and it would be hard for someone who was at 770 for that Tishrei not to remember it.

Suprise Gallery 2

Suprise Gallery 3

Suprise Gallery 4

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