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Wednesday, December 19, 2012
Mesameach-JEM Press Release

Once again, a family’s generous gesture results in providing educational and inspirational DVDs to enhance the lives of bedridden children and adults.

In an effort to perpetuate the memory of their mother Mrs. Chanchy Bruk A”H, whose second yahrzeit is approaching on Zayin Teves, The Bruk Family has undertaken to subsidize the cost price of a substantial number of popular JEM DVDs of the Rebbe, and donate them to the Misameach organization based in Lakewood New Jersey.

Misameach, run by a group of selfless volunteers, has made its mission is to provide relief and entertainment for critically ill patients and their families. With this goal in mind, one of their popular services is the DVD Library – one of the largest Jewish DVD libraries in NJ, with over three hundred unique titles, and dozens of DVD players.

Over the years Misameach has observed that besides for the obvious hardships that come along with sickness, there is another, often overlooked facet of the patient's pain: boredom. Therefore they placed as a top priority to ensure the peace of mind of their patients. With their DVD libraries housed in multiple locations in two states, patients have virtually the entire Jewish entertainment industry at their disposal, keeping their mind off their illness.

Currently Misameach covers all New Jersey hospitals, including Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital (RWJ); and all Philadelphia hospitals, including Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia (CHOP). They also service the Boston, MA area hospitals, and have a DVD lending library in Boston. Upon request, they service other hospitals, like Schriners Hospital for Children in Cincinnati OH, or John Hopkins Hospital in Baltimore MD, and many more.

Lipa Schwartz, director of Misameach added the following observation: “It is well-known that morale and a positive state of mind have a tremendous impact on a patient’s physical well-being. We believe that inspirational videos have the power to generate a positive state of mind and, ultimately, help the patient heal.”

With this in mind, Mr. Schwartz approached JEM with a request for receiving their popular DVDs of the Rebbe and Chassidim. Together the organizations approached the Bruk Family who undertook this project to serve as a perpetual zchus, in loving memory of their mother, Mrs. Chanchy Bruk A”H.

The JEM staff carefully selected the films - aiming to ensure the maximum benefit of the intended audience. With the young children in mind, the donated DVDs include: the popular Hand in Hand; My Pesukim and I am A Chassid, alongside JEM’s most highly recommended kids production, My Land. Bedridden children will also enjoy JEM's world acclaimed Chanukah DVD, The Gift of Chanukah.

For the older patients, a selection of Farbrengens will enable them to experience an uplifting spiritual journey – pulling them into a world which transcends illness and pain. Every year on Tishrei (and around the year), they will be able to enjoy the two volumes of Tishrei with the Rebbe, covering both the days of awe and days of joy. Especially appropriate is JEM’s recent release, Joy, consisting of selected clips of joyous moments with the Rebbe and Chassidim.

From the My Encounter with the Rebbe series, the library will feature complete sets of Early Years, multiple volumes of the fascinating series Faithful and Fortified, and Sensitivity. Bedridden adults – especially women – will now have the ability to be inspired by the two JEM videos The Rebbetzin and Rebbetzin Chana.

In addition, the patients will for sure appreciate JEM’s popular product, Challenge – an inspiring selection of public talks and private meetings with the Rebbe, in which he edifies growth, responsibility and love.

Misameach can be contacted @ 1-877-905-8181 or by email:

If you wish to facilitate another donation of videos of the Rebbe, please contact JEM @ 1-718-774-1800 or by email:

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A Glimpse through the Veil

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