Sunday, January 13, 2013
Jem to Launch Living Torah App

LT App

After over a year of intensive work by dozens of individuals, JEM is nearing the completion of its new mobile platform.

The Living Torah app, brainchild of JEM’s staff and supporters, and the result of over a year of work by three separate teams, will be shared with a small, preselected group of beta testers over the next couple of weeks.

This video shares a peek behind the scenes at the work in progress:

The app will provide access to the entire Living Torah archive. Hundreds of thousands of tags – such as keywords, names and dates – allow users to access the interactions, stories, talks and memorable moments which have made Living Torah a universal staple for so many hundreds of thousands the world-over.

According to Rabbi Elkanah Shmotkin, JEM’s Director, the app will “enable any person, anywhere on the face of the earth with cellphone or internet service, to access and browse thousands of videos of the Rebbe at their leisure.”

“While the tradition of watching videos of the Rebbe in pre-set group settings has become a worldwide phenomenon, this is the way people access multimedia media today. The public viewings will be complemented through this tool, which will allow users to find ‘whatever content I want; whenever and wherever I choose.’”

As reported earlier the app is the cornerstone of a major new initiative aimed at providing greater access to JEM’s collections of video, audio, and photos of the Rebbe.

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