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Tuesday, March 5, 2013
We have our winners

Boruch Hashem we have received hundreds of responses, the raffle was made yesterday and we look forward to getting their feedback so we can enhance our app even more.

To everyone else, we are counting down the days to our official launch, just 2 ½ weeks away.

Congratulations to our winners

Michel Gurkov Yitzchok Dubov Simcha Gottlieb Elly Andrusier
Kyla Levi Yehuda Golan Ben-oni Yakov Latowicz
Frayda Kaplan Yanki Barber Chaim Farro Avrohom Gershon
Binyomin Bitton Michael Sojcher Moshe Greenwald     Leon Herman
Nochum Kurinsky Moshe Dubov
שוקי סלפושניק Mendel Blizinsky
Pinchas Ash Yossi Lazaroff
Raphael Rutman Yochonon Baitelman
Mendel Rosenfeld     Moshe Traxler

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