Friday, April 19, 2013
Anticipation building for new app. JEM Shares New Details

For the past several weeks, JEM has been posting videos and a website promoting and its soon-to-come Living Torah app. Today, JEM’s director, Rabbi Elkanah Shmotkin, sent an email to all Living Torah subscribers, outlining the rollout schedule, and revealing that current Living Torah subscribers will be receiving a two-week pass providing “full access to the over 2,000 videos in the app.”

According to JEM sources, the app will have “many affordable membership options,” as well as some free content. “Not to worry,” the JEM staffer added, “the access will be very inexpensive.”

Following is the email sent to Living Torah subscribers:

Dear Living Torah Subscriber,

There’s been a huge amount of anticipation building for the rollout of the Living Torah app. This week, many people called, emailed, and stopped me and other JEM team members in the street to ask if we’re really “going live” on 7 Iyar (April 17) as we had announced.

We didn’t, and I want to apologize for that.

It seems we needed a bit more time than we had anticipated, in order to assure that the Android, Android Tablet, Iphone and Ipad versions of the app all work perfectly. Our teams – content, strategy, and development – are working hard to apply the final touches.

The great news is that the app is beautiful, exciting, and every bit as amazing as we had hoped. Thank G-d, and with thanks to our incredible team, we’ve been receiving rave reviews from our beta testers.

I’m truly convinced that this is the next frontier in bringing our content – the treasured moments with the Rebbe – to the world, and I have no doubt that, going forward, this is where we need to be. After using the app, I hope you’ll also agree that the extra time we’re investing to ensure that the content, logistical, and technical infrastructure will run smoothly (-with G-d’s help!) were worthwhile.

Last but not least: I’d also like to share with you that once the app is rolled out, we plan to give our Living Torah subscribers a free two-week subscription for full access to the over 2,000 videos in the app. It’s a small thank you for your partnership and generous support, which have made Living Torah possible. (As far as the app subscriptions – not to worry, the prices are very affordable, thanks to the help of devoted subscribers like you. G-d willing, more on that coming up next week.)

Thank you for your patience and you understanding.

Have a great Shabbos.

Rabbi Elkanah Shmotkin

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