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Wednesday, May 22, 2013
Over 50,000 views within the first two weeks

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The Living Torah app launched by JEM earlier this month has been installed on over 6,000 devices, and over 50,000 videos have been viewed within its first two weeks, with the average viewing time well over a minute, that works out to more than one month of continuous viewing.

The app is available in the Apple and Android app stores and is compatible with the iPhone, iPad and Android devices, populated with hundreds of clips, it is updated with the weekly Living Torah program, the app also updates regularly with fresh content to current events. Recent segments included an address the Rebbe gave to women before Shavuos, and upon the passing of Rabbi Leibel Bistritzky clips featuring him with the Rebbe.

User feedback is overwhelmingly strong, indicating that the app is successfully capturing the behaviors of an upwardly mobile world. Users have been describing their experience as engaging, accessible and easy to use.

The feature that’s been getting the most attention, according to JEM’s numbers, is the option to browse video by tags. The hundreds of tags include topics ranging from business advice, to atomic energy and the Tefillin campaign.

All three versions of the app – iPhone, iPad and Android are currently averaging five stars.

Selected content is free, and monthly memberships provide unlimited access to all content published on the app. Living Torah DVD members have received a two week gift pass with full access.

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