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Wednesday, October 30, 2013
Amazing video released in time for Kinus

A Glimpse Through The Veil, Vol. 2

Miracles: The word itself stirs up a sensation of marvel, wonder and awe. Miracle stories have the power to uplift you, shake you, and penetrate to the very depths of your soul.

JEM's newest release, A Glimpse Through The Veil: Vol. 2, is a perfect selection of stories, highlighting the power of the Rebbe's Brachos. Over the years, I had heard a number of versions of some of these, but I was never sure of the true details and origin. The incredible advantage this film has over many of JEM's other fine works, is the riveting footage, extensive documentation and raw emotions that accompany these narratives. Expertly weaving firsthand accounts with newspaper clippings, photos, documents and actual footage of exchanges with the Rebbe, the stories come alive in a heretofore unheard way.

I was immediately struck by the exchange of the Frierdiker Rebbe and the Rebbe, “Miracles help to penetrate coarse shell of materialism. They uplift and evoke the desire to shake free of the mundane… to shake the soul of even one mired in the depths…”

The stories are engaging and captivating, and I was swept away, experiencing the life-changing sagas along with the individuals involved. The bewildered Moroccan couple, devastated after the third consecutive loss of their children. The Rebbe sending a heartening message to Israel before the official news came from the Kremlin. The heartbroken woman feverishly begging the Rebbe for a Bracha. A seemingly impossible, bewildering mission in Bangladesh. The older couple who were secretly hoping for an additional child. And the Rabbi who was suddenly having inner doubts about his calling in life….

I found myself moved to tears, mouthing “wow” over and over again. Once again, JEM has made it possible for everyone to connect to the Rebbe on a personal level. This beautiful film provides a glimpse behind the veil, opening a window to the Divine with the opportunity of seeing Elokus at work.

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