Monday, May 11, 2015
Manchester Warms Up

MEManchester 1
Surprise interview with Rabbi Dovid Schurder who happened to be in town

A team from JEM’s My Encounter with the Rebbe project just returned from a 5-day trip to Manchester, England where they interviewed 17 individuals.

While it might not be a hot vacation destination, Manchester was high on the My Encounter project’s list of places to visit. Manchester is an older Lubavitch community dating back to the late 1800s when Lubavitcher chasidim first opened up its shul.

Rabbi Bentzion Shemtov, the Rebbe’s shliach to England, would often travel from London to Manchester to reach out to the Jews there. With the help of Reb Zalman Jaffe, in 1961, he chartered a plane full of passengers to New York to visit the Rebbe. Since then, many Mancunian Jews came to seek the Rebbe’s advice.

The My Encounter team has been planning a trip to the city for over eight years – and it was well worth the wait! JEM’s lead interviewer, Rabbi Mendy Mochkin and cameraman Yankee Teitelbaum worked literally around the clock to squeeze in as many people as possible. “We started our day at 7 am and didn’t finish filming until midnight!” recalled Rabbi Mochkin. “Going into the trip, we planned for 8 interviews, but once we arrived, we realized there were so many more stories that we needed to record. When we left, we were shocked ourselves that we interviewed 17 people.”

Among the individuals who were interviewed was Dr. Efraim Jaffe, Reb Zalman’s brother, who began corresponding with the Rebbe as early as 1953 and Mr. Michael Tabor, an internationally acclaimed musician who spoke to the Rebbe in depth about music, the arts, and the danger and benefits of synthesizing the two with Torah.

A big thanks to Max and Leah Cohen and Harold and Judy Kahan for hosting the My Encounter team.

JEM’s editorial teams are now reviewing the interviews, hoping to include beautiful stories from the over 32 hours of interviews. Look out for them in upcoming Living Torah and Here’s My Story publications!

MEManchester 2
A signed Gemorah by all the members of the first charter flight to New York, with the Rebbe's signature on top

MEManchester 3
A Tanya given to Reb Zalman Jaffe by the Rebbe as a memento in 1975

MEManchester 4
Adas Israel Nusach Arizal

MEManchester 5
Cameraman Yankee Teitelbaum setting up the room for an interview

MEManchester 6
Dr. Ephram Jaffe, the 94 year old brother of Reb Zalman, reading his letter from the Rebbe from 1960

MEManchester 7
Interview with Rabbi Dovber Klein

MEManchester 8
Kehal Chassidism Lubavitch

MEManchester 9
List of names from the first charter flight to visit the Rebbe in 1961

MEManchester 10
Mr. Berel Perrin sharing over 20 stories of him and his father with the Rebbe

MEManchester 11
Mr. Laurance Gordon speaking about his father's yechidus in 1972 when the Rebbe gave him advice on how to raise his children

MEManchester 12
Mr. Michael Tabor talking about his memorable yechidus with the Rebbe about music and the fine arts

MEManchester 13
Mr. Pesach Hanson talking about the Rebbe's advice to put on Rabbeinu Tam's tefillin at the age of 50

MEManchester 14
Rabbi Aharon Mordechai Vaisfiche reminiscning about his days learning in 770 from 1958-1963

MEManchester 15
Rabbi Avrohom Jaffe talking about his father, Reb Zalman, and about the advice the Rebbe gave him about learning the laws of Mikvaos

MEManchester 16
Rabbi Mendy Mochkin, JEM's lead interviewer, scanning letters while Manchester Yeshiva students look on

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