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Tuesday, May 12, 2015
JEM has great news to share:


Several months ago, our archivists discovered the original recordings of a Farbrengen with the Rebbe from summer 5741 (1981) that had previously never before been seen. Our staff decided that this would be the perfect new release for Gimmel Tamuz. The archive team has been working with our vendors to restore the very damaged tapes, and we began translation into 5 languages. But an unpleasant surprise awaited us: Tape 2 was missing!

After months of searching, on Lag B’omer, we finally turned up a copy of the missing tape. Mr. Baruch Bongart, who lived in Minnesota at the time and would host the community viewing of the live broadcasts, recorded the Farbrengens. After an extensive search, of course at the very *bottom* of the very *last* box… the tape!

G-d willing, the Farbrengen will be out shortly before Gimmel Tammuz.


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